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Jeff Aldridge is a much sought after speaker for national and international organizations that are directly involved with hospital safety and security.  Jeff conducts workshops and seminars for major healthcare sponsors and non-profit organizations.

Typical Speaking Fees:  Half-day $1,000 plus expenses   -  Full-day $1,800 plus expenses.

Chronology of Speaking Engagements & Presentations - 1985 - Present

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Environment of Care Leader is proud to present infant security expert Jeff Aldridge in a 60-minute, interactive audio conference to help you tackle one of your thorniest security challenges. Get myth-busting insights and concrete strategies to help you build iron-clad defenses against increasingly crafty infant abductors:"

Jeff's  wealth of experience translates into strategies you can use to:

    • Assess your hospital's hidden infant- security vulnerabilities.
    • Choose the right infant-security technology for your hospital. Jeff will help you assess the leading systems available and provide 'smart-shopper' tips on everything from equipment to site visits and price negotiations.
    • Drill for success - and win staff buy-in for tougher, more frequent mock abductions. Jeff reveals the latest, most innovative techniques to make drills look and feel chillingly real - and gives you a new toolkit to evaluate drill performance and turn deficiencies into action items.
    • Improve new-parent education. You face growing liability for abductions that occur after discharge. Take home a real-world plan for educating parents on how to thwart an at-home baby snatching.
    • Tackle infant-security issues beyond abduction. Mother/Baby mix-ups can lead to even costlier settlements and PR nightmares. Find out why your hospital is more susceptible than you might imagine, and get a soup-to-nuts gameplan to reduce the chances of a mother/baby mix-up on your watch.