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Security Assessments International has assisted over 600 hospitals through out the United States and overseas with the identification of potential threats and risks. Converns over Emergency Department security remain high especially among ED nursing staff.

Twenty plus years of experience as hospital security professionals has taught us that each facility is unique.  Many factors have to be taken into consideration when assessing the vulnerability of a particular hospital's ED. This can only be accomplished through an on-site visit.  Some of the contributing factors we consider in identifying potential threats to the safety and security of an Emergency Department include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Geographical Location.
  • Physical Design and layout of ED and adjacent departments.
  • Number of uncontrolled access points into and out of the ED.
  • Access Control into the ED through the emergency ambulance entrance.
  • Criminal Demographics surrounding the hospital and campus.
  • Security Incident data within the ED, as well as incidents in the rest of the facility and on campus.
  • Level of physical security provided.
  • Previous Security Sentinel Events.
  • Quality of the Security Management Program.
  • Employee Security Awareness associated with  on-going educational programs.
  • Administration and Management Support.
  • ED Policies, Protocols & Procedures

The vulnerability assessment is designed to identify and analyze possible threats, and assist your hospital in controlling those threats. A physical assessment of the Emergency Department will be conducted at each of your facilities (if applicable) to determine your needs for improved physical security. Policies, protocols, and procedures are reviewed in light of current industry, JCAHO and CMS standards.

Following completion of the assessment we will analyze our findings and submit detailed written recommendations for your consideration and implementation.  SAI also maintains a complete set of up-to-date Sample Security Policies.  Copies of these sample policies are available upon request.