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Jeff Aldridge, CEO & SAI's Founder Presents:

Violence in the Hospital: Proven Techniques to Keep Your Facility Safe

Friday, October 20th at the 2006 Environment of Care Leader Conference, Orlando, Florida.

Jeff Aldridge
Jeff Aldridge, CEO
Security Assessments International
Durham, N.C.

Hospital shootings, gang violence, family quarrels and harassment are just a few of the problems hospital staff face daily. Discover how to curb the violence and keep your patients and workers safe with proven guidance from Jeff Aldridge, President of Security Assessments International, Durham, N.C. Jeff has consulted on security issues for hospitals, Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Army. Join Jeff as he shows you how to keep your hospital secure through real-life strategies he has used at more than 600 health care facilities throughout the U.S.

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EC Summit 2006

Click to Visit NC-ENA website SAI will present: Your Job or Your Life: Staying Safe with the Agitated or Violent Patient at the North Carolina chapter of the Emergency Nurses Associatoin on December 1, 2005.   The presentation is part of NC-ENA's 2-day educational conference entitled "Walking the Tightrope: Critical Skills for the Emergency Department Nurse."   The conference will feature a variety of speakers on topics of skills that emergency nurses have to perform quickly, but accuratly. The conference will be held Dec 1-2, 2005 at the Doubletree Hotel in Asheville, NC.

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"Your Job or Your Life: Staying Safe with the Agitated or Violent Patient"

and download all supporting documents.

Audio Conference, July 14, 2005 - A DecisionHealth Audio Conference sponsored by Environment of Care Leader

Hospitals nationwide are on high alert due to a growing security challenge: Imposters posing as physicians and JCAHO surveyors. These imposters demanded access to medications, medical records and other sensitive information, using official looking JCAHO badges.

Now Homeland Security is demanding that all hospitals adopt the NIMS plan that includes lockdown and access control drills. That’s why it’s critical to perform an audit on your access control policies now. Is your security team ready?

GE Security Conference - June 13-17, 2005 - Presentation: The State of Healthcare Security: Past, Present & Future

Prior to 9/11, the nature of healthcare security had been undergoing slow, gradual change. Since 9/11 the changes have been rapid and dramatic. Hospital security as many unique characterisitcs setting it apart from other markets; from the dual need to treat patient's medical needs while safeguarding their personal security and safety, to governmental mandates imposed by oversight bodies and regulatory authorities such as; JCAHO, CMS, and OSHA.

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Audio Conference, March, 2005 - A DecisionHealth Audio Conference sponsored by Environment of Care Leader

Environment of Care Leader is proud to present infant security expert Jeff Aldridge in a 60-minute, interactive audio conference to help you tackle one of your thorniest security challenges. Get myth-busting insights and concrete strategies to help you build iron-clad defenses against increasingly crafty infant abductors:

Audio Conference, Hospital Preparedness for Terrorism - Sponsored by Security Assessments International, Inc.

Nationwide audio conference hosted by Jeff Aldridge entitled "NBC Terrorism Preparedness" - How well is your hospital prepared for terrorism and mass emergencies? - Mr. Aldridge had as his guests, Bryan Koontz, Director of Safety & Security for the High Point Regional Health System and Roger Camplin, a nationally recognized expert on Joint Commission Standards. Conference aired on January 22, 2002

"Annual guest lecturer for the Watts School of Nursing, Durham Regional/ Duke University Health System, for the past 11 years 1992 to present.

"Infant Abduction Alert", An Environment of Care Leader National Audio Conference, "Protect your most vulnerable patients", "17 Strategies to Prevent the Unthinkable", Environment of Care Leader is proud to present infant security expert Jeff Aldridge in a 60-minute, interactive audio conference to help tackle one of your thorniest security challenges. Jeff is the nation's No.1 expert on preventing infant abductions, as well as one of the highest rated speakers ever at the Environment of Care Leader conferences. He was recently back by popular demand to present two sessions at EC Summit 2002 in New Orleans.

6th Annual National Environment of Care Summit '2002, "Infant Security: 60 minutes of solutions", Every year, infant-security technology gets a little more state-of-the-art…but every year, would-be abductors get more clever and ruthless. Remember: You're always one breach away from a legal and PR nightmare. The good news: You can deliver iron-clad security to your smallest, most vulnerable patients without spending a fortune thanks to the hospital proven strategies of Jeff Aldridge, the nation's No. 1 authority on infant security and one of our highest-rated EC Summit speakers ever. Aldridge gives you a smart game plan to upgrade training, run more realistic drills and boost staff accountability and responsiveness. Next, Aldridge shows you why abductions are just the tip of the infant-security iceberg…and how to cut the chances of a baby-switching at your hospital to almost to zero, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 21, 2002.

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5th Annual top-rated National EC Summit '2001, "Escape $1 Million in Liability and Safeguard your "Tiniest Patients", Last year, the press crucified Chicago's Loyola University Hospital after an infant abduction. HCFA threatened to pull Medicare funding. Who did Loyola turn to for help? The nation's No. 1 authority on infant security…Jeff Aldridge. Just one small crack in the security system could result in millions in litigation, a media frenzy-with you in the spotlight-and intense JCAHO and HCFA investigations.. Find out why complex-and expensive-security systems actually put your babies at greater risk than having nothing at all. Bonus: Discover what to include in your next "Code Pink" drill to energize staff, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, September 23-26, 2001.

3rd Annual National Environment of Care Summit '99, "Infant Security: How to fix the real problem!", Start with this reality check: Infant abductions are horrible but rare-baby switches are your real danger spot. Just ask staff at dozens of hospitals facing PR nightmares and 7-figure lawsuits because of a problem they never dreamed they would have. To keep your hospital safe-and out of the harsh media spotlight-we welcome back to security expert Jeff Aldridge, Durham, NC who blew attendees away at the last 2 EC Summit meeting. Aldridge"s all-new presentation gives the tools you need to assess your infant-abduction and baby-switching risk…make smart P&P tweaks and win staff buy-in…then set up a rock solid system to audit compliance. Don't spend another penny on infant security technology until you attend this session!, Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, October 13-15, 1999.

2nd Annual National Environment of Care Summit '98, ""From ER to Sentinel Event: Best Security Practices to Nail a Top JCAHO Score", "Learn the essential answers you need to know -- or risk JCAHO's wrath -- when called in to investigate a sentinel event. Stay safe with the Joint's new policy and avoid EC.1.4 Type I's with tips from security consultant Jeff Aldridge, Security Assessments International, Durham, NC. EC '98 held in Chicago, IL, October 5-7, 1998.

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"Key Note Speaker" at Executone's International Sales Conference in Las Vegas, NV 1999 and retained by Executone Information Systems Division to assist their R&D Department develop the “Stork” Infant Surveillance System 1998.

"The Association of Iowa Hospitals & Health Systems, "Violence in the Healthcare Setting", 'Protecting Newborns From Abduction', West DesMoines, IA, November 10, 1998.

Featured speaker on "Infant Abduction prevention" for the Palmetto Chapter of the International Association of Hospital Security and Safety, Florence, SC 1991.

Assisted in the development and presentation of a National Seminar on Infant Abduction Prevention sponsored by the North Carlina Safety & Security Healthcare Council and SASCO International in Raleigh, NC. Interviewed by NBC. 1991

Featured speaker on "Infant Abduction prevention" for the Palmetto Chapter of the International Association of Hospital Security and Safety, Florence, SC 1991.

Featured on "PM Magazine", a nationally syndicated television service that aired a program on infant abduction prevention nation-wide to over 128 affiliates in 1989.

Consulted with ABC 20/20's Executive Producer on "Where's My Baby?" Infant Abduction Prevention Program aired in the fall of 1989.

Presented the first Infant Security Seminar in N.C. as President of the North Carolina Safety/Security Healthcare Council 1987.

"Key Note Speaker" for the Eastern North Carolina Chapter of the American Society for Industrial Security. Spoke on the "Dynamics of Healthcare Security and Infant Abduction Prevention 1987.

Assisted the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children in developing the first edition of "For Hospital Professionals" designed to assist hospital in education their staff and employees on infant security 1985-87.

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Infant Abduction Prevention

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Infant Abduction Prevention

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Panel Discussion Moderator
"The Unthinkable Happened: Lessons Learned from Maine’s Recent Infant Abduction

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Key Hospital Security Issues:
Violence In the Healthcare Setting & Emergency Department Security

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