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It is important for hospitals to develop a comprehensive Security Management Program (SMP) to effectively support and maintain physical protection for patients, staff and visitors.  Central to that development is the completion of a comprehensive threat assessment and an evaluation of the security protocols, policies, and procedures unlerlying the SMP. These vitally important elements of the SMP should be well- defined, unambiguous and reinforced with periodic staff education and training.

SAI consultants help facilities identify their organizational strengths and weaknesses in physical protection and security practices.  Our expertise and experience in hospital security is applied during a comprehensive audit of your physical security measures.  We assist risk managers in analyzing existing protocols, policies, and procedures.  Our findings are analyzed and evaluated and we provide specific, realistic recommendations to improve over-all security and achieve a total security solution..

Security Assessments International's consultants can evaluate your existing security and risk management activities and provide recommendations to assist your efforts in providing better protect for patients, staff, visitors and your facility's assets. Consultative assessments are performed within a reasonable time frame at an acceptable cost.

The process for engaging an SAI security professional begins with the submission of a RFP.   Whether your hospital or healthcare organization is preparing for a JACHO survey, fulfilling its annual risk assessment requirements, has security related issues and concerns, or is looking for an independent review of your Security Management Program, SAI's professional consulting services are taylored to meet your specific needs. Click for Details

SAI serves the needs and requirements of VA and Military Hospitals for full on-site vulnerability assessments, threat assessments, physical security assessments, and preparedness for acts of terrorism under PDD 63 in accordance with the requirements of the Department of Defense Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings.

    GSA Schedule 84 - Information

Joint Commission 2008
Security Standards

CMS/Joint Commission 2008 Requirements
CMS - 2008
Conditions of Participation (CoP)

Do you accept Medicare and Medicaid patients?   What are your CoP   requirements regarding Hospital Security?

View Joint Commission / CMS 2008 Security Requirements

Infant Security
Parental Educational

Parental education
- a Joint Commission requirement,
and your vital first line of defence in preventing infant abductions. Infant Security: How Parents Can Help was created by the nation's leading infant security expert to guide new mothers through the security steps they should take while in the hospital and after returning home.

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