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SAI's mission to empower hospitals to protect their patients, staff, visitors and property from harm embraces the entire spectrum of the Security Management Program [SMP].  A comprehensive SAI security assessment and vulnerability analysis covers all facets of the hospital's physical security.  When included in the Scope-of-Work, IT security audits are conducted at the level required by your hospitalís IT department administrators. They can target only HIPAA compliance issues or be as comprehensive in scope as necessary to insure that every element of your hospitalís IT security infrastructure is secure.

An exit briefing for senior level administrators is consucted at the conclusion of the on-site portion of the assessment.  Preliminary findings are presented and discussed, and a formal written report of Findings with detailed Recommendations is then prepared to assist administrators in meeting needs of their facility for the security and safety of its patients, visitors, staff, and employees.

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Level of Physical Security   >>

  • Physical design and layout of campus and surrounding property
  • Local criminal demographics report [CAP Index Report]
  • Facility buildings and infrustructure
  • Access Control
  • Locks and Alarms
  • CCTV / CCDV systems
  • Asset tracking and inventory control
  • Parking Area Security

Security Management Program   >>

  • Quality of the Security Management Program
  • Previous security Sentinel Events
  • Preparedness for terrorism & mass casualties
  • Employee security awareness associated with on-going educational programs
  • Administration and management support

Policies, Protocols & Procedures   >>

  • Administrative Security Policies
  • Security Protocols
  • In-place Security Procedures

JCAHO Standards & CMS Requirements   >>

  • JCAHO Mock Surveys
  • Statement of Conditions Preparation and Electronic Filing
  • Tracer Reviews in Patient Care Areas
  • Environment of Care©Risk Assessments - Seven Management Areas
  • National Patient Safety Goals Education
  • Emergency Management Plans & Terrorism Preparedness