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The Critical Incident Emergency Response Plan is evaluated and improved to better equip your facility with an appropriate emergency response in the event of an infant abduction.   A "Code Pink" Protocol is developed to assist staff personnel and facilitate recovery of an abducted infant.

The Critical Incident Emergency Response Plan is the protocol activated following a 'Code Pink'.   It guides the recovery process in the event of an infant abduction from the hospital and covers:

  • Recovery Process
  • Notification Responsibility
  • Call-Up Priority
  • Critical Incident Event Control Log
  • Internal / External Search Procedures
  • Establishment of a "Hotline" for Tips
  • Public Relations Responsibility
  • Press Relationship
  • Recovery / Positive Identification Process
  • Debriefing / Critique of Event

Practice Events and Exercises "Code Pinks"

  • Frequency / When & Where
  • Participants
  • Unit Responsibility
  • Hospital Departments Responsibility
  • Exercise Monitors / Spotters<