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SAI's Key Associates are much sought after speakers for national and international organizations that are directly involved with hospital security, safety, and risk management.   SAI speakers conduct workshops and seminars on a variety of topics targeted to meet the needs of hospitals, healthcare associations and affiliations, non-profit organizations, and corporations that provide the healthcare sector with security components, systems, and intigration services.

The following is a partial list speaking engagement topics and workshops presented by SAI:

  • Infant Security - Preventing Abductions and Mother/Baby Mix-ups
  • Dynamics of Healthcare Security and Infant Abduction Prevention
  • Emergency Department Violence
  • Hospital Security - A Total Security Solution
  • The State of Hospital Security - Past & Present
  • Preparing for Terrorism and Mass Casualties

  • Typical Speaking Fees:  Half-day $1,000 plus expenses   -  Full-day $1,800 plus expenses.

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    ASHES Annual Conference [2007]- Date and Topic to be announced

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    NC-ENA Conference, December 1-2, 2005 - “Walking the Tightrope: Critical Skills for the Emergency Department Nurse”

    “Walking the Tightrope: Critical Skills for the Emergency Department Nurse” is one day educational conference focused towards emergency nurses to better prepare them for skills that need to be performed rapidly with 100% accuracy. Lectures will include speakers on Acute Coronary Syndromes, Hyperglycemic Emergencies, Pediatric Care, Care of Agitated Patients, and Rapid Sequence Intubation. This conference is appropriate for nurses, physicians, physician assistants, and paramedics.

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    Audio Conference, July 14, 2005 - A DecisionHealth Audio Conference sponsored by Environment of Care Leader

    Hospitals nationwide are on high alert due to a growing security challenge: Imposters posing as physicians and JCAHO surveyors. These imposters demanded access to medications, medical records and other sensitive information, using official looking JCAHO badges. Now Homeland Security is demanding that all hospitals adopt the NIMS plan that includes lockdown and access control drills. That’s why it’s critical to perform an audit on your access control policies now. Is your security team ready?

    GE Security Conference - June 13-17, 2005 - Presentation: The State of Healthcare Security: Past, Present & Future

    Prior to 9/11, the nature of healthcare security had been undergoing slow, gradual change. Since 9/11 the changes have been rapid and dramatic. Hospital security as many unique characterisitcs setting it apart from other markets; from the dual need to treat patient's medical needs while safeguarding their personal security and safety, to governmental mandates imposed by oversight bodies and regulatory authorities such as; JCAHO, CMS, and OSHA.

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    GE Security Conference - June 13-17, 2005 - Presentation: Anatomy of Total Hospital Security

    Hospital security has many unique characteristics which sets it apart from other markets - from the dual need to treat patients' medical needs while safegrarding their personal security and safety to the governmental mandates imposed by JCAHO, CMS, and OSHA>

    Audio Conference, March, 2005 - A DecisionHealth Audio Conference sponsored by Environment of Care Leader

    Environment of Care Leader is proud to present infant security expert Jeff Aldridge in a 60-minute, interactive audio conference to help you tackle one of your thorniest security challenges. Get myth-busting insights and concrete strategies to help you build iron-clad defenses against increasingly crafty infant abductors:"

    Jeff's  wealth of experience translates into strategies you can use to:

      • Assess your hospital's hidden infant security vulnerabilities.
      • Choose the right infant security technology for your hospital.   Jeff assess the leading systems available and provides 'smart-shopper' tips on everything from equipment to site visits and price negotiations.
      • Drill for success and win staff buy-in for tougher, more frequent mock abductions.   Get innovative techniques to make drills look and feel chillingly real - and gives you a new toolkit to evaluate drill performance and turn deficiencies into action items.
      • Improve new parent education. You face growing liability for abductions that occur after discharge. Take home a real-world plan for educating parents on how to thwart an at-home baby snatching.
      • Tackle infant-security issues beyond abduction. Mother/Baby mix-ups can lead to even costlier settlements and PR nightmares. Find out why your hospital is more susceptible than you might imagine, and get a soup-to-nuts game plan to reduce the chances of a mother/baby mix-up on your watch.